R22 and R410a Refrigerant Buyback

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R-422B+™ is the superior R-22 replacement on the market today. An exclusive patented formula, superior compatibility, lower price point and a 100% American manufactured product makes this the Gold Standard for R-22 replacement.

EPA Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer

EPA Certified

EPA Certified

FluoroFusion Specialty Chemicals is an EPA-Certified Refrigerant Reclaimer operating nationwide.

USA made refrigerants

Made in the USA

Made in the USA

While FluoroFusion services the entire country with CRC collection centers located across the nation, we are proud to have our main facility in North Carolina.

AHRI-700 Purity

AHRI-700 Purity

 We have an onsite lab and third-party testing to ensure FluoroFusion refrigerants meet or exceed AHRI-700 purity standards

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FluoroFusion is an EPA–certified refrigerant reclaimer. Based in North Carolina, FluoroFusion services the entire country and proudly sells US–made, Arctic Eagle–brand refrigerants to the HVAC/R marketplace.

Offset costs in your business and eliminate the logistical headaches that come with handling used gas. Contact FluoroFusion today for a fast, free quote.

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