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R-410A and R-22 Buyback for St. Louis, Missouri

R-410A and R-22 Buyback for St. Louis

FluoroFusion is now buying R22, R410a, and other refrigerants in St. Louis and and the surrounding areas of Columbia, Jefferson City, Collinsville, and everything in-between.

What do we pay? We pay a premium price for your recovered refrigerant.

What do we charge? $0. We handle all of the arrangements, including cylinder exchange and transportation, at no cost to you.

Benefits of using FluoroFusion's refrigerant buyback programs:

  • Top market buyback rates for R-22, R-410A, and other refrigerants
  • Guaranteed payment within 30 days
  • Onsite cylinder exchange and pick-up of recovered refrigerant
  • Replacement of outdated cylinders with requalified cylinders
  • Detailed pickup reports for each tank to ensure your company remains EPA-compliant

FluoroFusion is an EPA-certified leader in refrigerant reclamation. We exceed industry standards for environmental safety and refrigerant lifecycle management.

Let us handle the details so you can focus on your business.

R-22 Refrigerant for Sale Near Me

Due to its efficiency and pricing, the HVAC and refrigerant industry embraced R-22 refrigerant in a variety of applications. Though production and import of R-22 halted in 2020, countless systems remain reliant on this in-demand refrigerant. If you maintain R-22 systems, you may have searched for “R-22 refrigerant for sale near me,” or “Can I buy R-22 refrigerant online.”  

Selling R-22 Refrigerant with our buyback program, ensures ongoing availability of R-22 refrigerant. Leveraging patented technology, FluoroFusion reclaimed R-22 delivers the efficiency, AHRI-700 standard of purity, and pressure/ temperature characteristics of virgin R-22.

For your clients transitioning to a long-term R-22 replacement solution, FluoroFusion is proud to offer the best R-22 substitute on the market: Arctic Eagle R-422B+.

Manufactured in North Carolina, U.S.A., Arctic Eagle R-422B+ features innovative lubricant technology and an A-1 non-flammable rating that facilitates compatibility with most R-22 systems in use today. With temperature and pressure characteristics nearly identical to R-22, Arctic Eagle 422B+ eases your customers' transition to more environmentally-friendly refrigerant and HVAC systems.

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R-410A Refrigerant for Sale

The AIM Act was signed into law in December 2020. This legislation instructed the EPA to initiate a phasedown of HFC refrigerants in line with the step-down schedule implemented by the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol.

Phasedown of HFCs began in 2022 with a 10% reduction in production and imports of HFC refrigerants, and ultimately, an 85% reduction by 2036. Due to this short transition period, R-410A equipment will remain on the US market.

Continued availability of R-410A provides a window for equipment manufacturers to bring new refrigerants and equipment technology to market, and updates to national codes and standards that allow for the installation of the next generation of mildly flammable refrigerants replacing R-410A.

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As an EPA-certified refrigerant reclaimer, FluoroFusion reclaims your recovered R-410A through a process resulting in a sustainable supply of reclaimed gas. Reclaimed R-410A is the best substitute for virgin R-410A, delivering the same performance and characteristics you’d expect from the virgin gas. Our patented reclamation process brings recovered R-410A back to AHRI purity standards, providing a sustainable solution as you work with clients to transition toward next-generation refrigerant systems.

Whether you are buying or selling R-22 refrigerant, FluoroFusion supports the Greater St. Louis HVAC and refrigerant contractors with the nation’s leading R-22 and R-410A Buyback Program and premium American-made refrigerant products.  Call us today to learn more!

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We buy and sell many types of refrigerants. Contact us for a free quote based on what you need.

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