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About R-410A

At FluoroFusion, we are more than a distributor of American-made refrigerants, we are also an EPA–certified refrigerant reclaimer. We are committed to supporting American companies in responsible R-410A refrigerant lifecycle management to offset the negative environmental impacts and incentivizing our customers through our R-410A (and R-22) Buyback program.  

As your customers require service work or replacement of their existing R-410A equipment, FluoroFusion is your reclaim partner who is at the ready to purchase your recovered refrigerant. We understand the complexities of today’s environmental regulations, so we offer reclamation services that reduce greenhouse gas emissions while offering you the best R-410A price!

Challenges with R410A Substitutes

The AIM Act was signed into law in December 2020. This legislation instructed the EPA to initiate a phasedown of HFC refrigerants in line with the step-down schedule implemented by the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol. 

Phasedown of HFCs began in 2022 with a 10% reduction in production and imports of HFC refrigerants, and ultimately, an 85% reduction by 2036. Due to this short transition period, R-410A equipment will remain on the US market. 

Continued availability of R-410A provides a window for equipment manufacturers to bring new refrigerants and equipment technology to market, and updates to national codes and standards that allow for the installation of the next generation of mildly flammable refrigerants replacing R-410A.  

Replacing R-410A isn’t as simple as dropping in a safer, more environmentally friendly gas the next time a customer’s unit needs to be charged. There are complex issues in managing your customers’ refrigerant transitions, including:

Warranty Issues

Warranty Issues

Substituting R-410A with an alternative gas in an existing system could mean the loss of any remaining manufacturer warranty. Refrigeration equipment is designed for specific refrigerants based on the refrigerant’s pressure, temperature, and performance characteristics. Substituting a refrigerant that the system is not rated for would likely mean loss of warranty coverage.

System Modification

System Modification

R-410A systems require extensive modification to operate safely with mildly flammable, A2L refrigerant replacement options. Retrofitting an R-410A system for an A2L may require changes to the metering device and the installation of refrigerant leak detectors that will engage mechanical ventilation to bring fresh air into the indoor equipment space. National building codes have not yet been established to allow for A2L refrigerants in residential and commercial split systems.

Service Tools

Service Tools

Be sure that your recovery machine, vacuum pump, manifold, and gauges are rated for the A2L refrigerants that will replace R-410A in the future.

The Best Replacement for R-410A is Reclaimed R-410A

The Best Replacement for R-410A is Reclaimed R-410A

When you partner with FluoroFusion as your reclaim partner, you are ensuring a continued supply of R-410A in the future. There is no replacement for R-410A that will perform better than the original, so R-410A will continue to be a valuable and sought-after refrigerant well into the future.

Manage Your Recovered Refrigerant with FluoroFusion’s Buy Back Program

As a small business, we understand the challenges of responding to tightening environmental regulations in an increasingly competitive market. That’s why FluoroFusion takes our role as your reclamation partner seriously.  

As a national leader in refrigerant reclamation and EPA-certified reclaimer, FlouroFusion leverages innovative lifecycle management and reclamation technologies to support our partners and exceed industry standards for environmental safety. We handle all the shipping, paperwork, and EPA paperwork requirements. In select locations, we offer onsite cylinder exchanges that reduce labor costs and management oversight. 

 Whether your recovered refrigerant is clean, dirty, pure, or mixed, our innovative buyback program pays top dollar. With our R-410A Buy Back program, your company can leverage the industry’s transition to more environmentally sound and energy-efficient refrigerants.

Cylinder Management for R-410A

The previous generations of CFC and HCFC refrigerants allowed recovery into low-pressure, 260 psi recovery cylinders. R-410A, on the other hand, is a high-pressure refrigerant that requires a recovery cylinder with a working pressure of 400 psi.  

FluoroFusion accepts any type and size of recovery cylinder, and even cylinders with expired certifications. We can exchange your filled recovery cylinders with one from our fleet of high-pressure recovery cylinders. Or, you can send us your cylinder, and we’ll test, weigh, and pump down the contents. In either case, we’ll send you a detailed recovered refrigerant report and payment for your refrigerant in 30 days or less. Guaranteed.

At FluoroFusion, we are committed to providing the refrigerant industry with responsible, beneficial lifecycle management solutions. When you participate in our R-410A Buyback program, we’ll pay you for HFCs and HCFCs – with no obligation to buy from us!

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