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The Chemours Company and Honeywell recently announced a new pilot program expanding refrigerant recycling and reclamation. Their program aims to support customers through the transition to positive environmental refrigeration and cooling through increased availability of sustainably produced R-448A and R-449A.

Pilot Program Protects Sustainable Supply of R-448A and R-449A

Environmental regulations in the U.S. and abroad mean the gradual phase-out of popular refrigerants. Current global agreements mean that refrigerants such as R-448A and R-449A will no longer be manufactured or imported by 2033.

Honeywell developed their R-448A and R-449A patented refrigerants to provide consumers with highly efficient refrigerant gas with a low global warming potential rating. Branded Solstice N40, Honeywell’s R-448A offered a high-efficiency replacement for R-22 and R-404A in systems such as supermarket refrigeration units and vending machines. Opteon XP40, Honeywell’s R-449A offering, provides the industry with a superior R-507 replacement for a wide range of commercial refrigeration applications.

The Chemours Company and Honeywell share a vision for supporting clients through transformations that drive sustainability and decrease the negative environmental impacts of the refrigerant industry. With their pilot program, Honeywell and the Chemours Company intend to spur a circular economy created through refrigerant reclamation, providing end users with the peace of mind that comes with supply availability and buying refrigerant from an authorized source.

How Honeywell Pilot Program Works

With the announcement of this pilot program, Chemours and Honeywell have laid the foundation for expanded opportunities for the recovery and reclamation of fourth-generation fluorochemical refrigerants. These efforts not only promote a circular market, but they also ensure greater sustainability across the industry.

To encourage the use of reclaimed R-448A and R-449A, the Honeywell-Chemours program will license qualified companies to recycle and reclaim used R-448A and R-449A. Participating licensed refrigerant reclamation services will clean and return used R-448A and R-449A refrigerants to AHRI standards.

Reclaimed R-448A and R-449A refrigerants deliver the same behavior and efficiency characteristics as virgin refrigerants. In addition to meeting stringent AHRI standards for purity, Chemours and Honeywell developed additional criteria for participating companies to ensure reclaimed and recycled R-448A and R-449A meet all safety, regulatory, and industry standards.

Pilot Program Benefits High-end Refrigerant Users

Everyone benefits when industries move toward sustainability and reduce negative environmental impacts.

With this pilot program, the Chemours Company and Honeywell advance environmental benefits while supporting high-end refrigerant customers. The program offers consumers peace of mind with opportunities to purchase reclaimed R-4998A and R-499A from an authorized dealer backed by the program’s strict licensure requirements.

The pilot also offers confidence in future refrigerant supplies, leveraging existing R-448A and R-449A supplies to ensure these critical refrigerant products remain available. These sustainable refrigerant options offer HVAC professionals and end-users the necessary time to develop meaningful refrigerant lifecycle management plans for transitioning to the next generation of refrigerant technology.

FluoroFusion strives to improve environmental impacts across the HVAC and refrigerant industries through our EPA-certified work in refrigerant reclamation. Specializing in refrigerant reclamation, we serve the industry through a continued supply of in-demand refrigerant products and our unbeatable Refrigerant Buyback Program. Call us today to learn more!


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