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FluoroFusion is an EPA-certified reclaimer headquartered in North Carolina that services the entire country.   Our management and sales team built the national reclamation model and have no shareholders outside of the U.S. or banks to appease.   We focus on providing the best buy-back rates, payment terms, and purity levels in the U.S. market.   Also, we do not generally recognize the term refrigerant abatement as every contractor knows that refrigerants aren’t asbestos.      

We proudly manufacture all our refrigerants in the USA under the Arctic Eagle Brand! We accept and pay for many types of refrigerants that our competitors do not.  We can also accept large scale industrial gas cylinders. We work directly with HVAC Contractors and Technicians with no middlemen so we can give you the best buyback rates. 

What Cylinders Do We Accept? We accept cylinders in 125#, 240#, 1000#. Call about 30#, 50# 100#, and any other sizes.   

What Refrigerants Do We Accept? We pay for HFCs, HCFCs, & accept HFOs. The full list of refrigerants we accept is R22, R134a, R410a, R404a, R407’s, R11, R12, R113, R123, and R-500 and HFOs. If you would like to reclaim a gas that is not on this list, give us a call and we can discuss details with you. We accept refrigerants that are pure, clean, dirty, and mixed with NO obligation to buy refrigerants.

How Does Shipping Work? We will pick up your refrigerant from anywhere in the country. The only requirement is that each shipment meets a minimum weight of 200 lbs of gas. And, freight is free! 

Other Reasons You Should Choose Us…

-You will receive a payment within 30 days or less of receipt of refrigerant

-We will either exchange the cylinder you have with one of ours or we can take your cylinder, pump it down, and return it to you with NO FEE. All cylinders are IN Date and in deep vacuum.

-We will recertify your cylinders! Call for details on pricing and options.

Is Reclaimed Gas As Good As Virgin Gas? Yes! When we receive your recovered refrigerant we sample and analyze it with a gas chromatograph to separate out the gases. We then process the refrigerant at our licensed facility to bring it to the Industry Standard AHRI-700 to match that of virgin products. It is then tested and certified by a third party to ensure it meets and exceeds the AHRI-700 standards.

The hardest thing about partnering with us is learning how to spell F-L-U-O-R-O-F-U-S-I-O-N. We make everything else easy! All you have to do is set up your first pickup or exchange at

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